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lose 10 kg lost 2kg atm
go to europe
study anatomy
clean my room donate stuffs
10km walking 50 arm exercise everyday
go to Japan maybe twice
Driving licence
Phone pic
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I'm back maties

Hiya I'm back finally my future became visuable!
Next year and on I will be hella busy with school works and social life! Looking forward to it everybits of it!
One life one chance one time
life is real so ppl keep it real
I will sure see this journal when hard times hit but I will always be thankful 

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Going on hiatus

So I'm officially going on hiatus from LJ and the comm.
Shipped out items from the last sales.
I will be back of course but not till the end of summer or so.
If you need to contact me as soon as possible is the answer. ;D
Thank you everyone ^_^
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Cool posting on LJ app

This is what is on top of my white collection shelf :) though it got really messy over the weeks due to rearrangement put my fav zukans as in the pic with the rest of its gang Done with pick ups shipped out all except for three people who didnt pay fully Got a test on sunday and a really important test next year I wanna go to a med school ..... <3 Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.
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